Centre of Full Employment and Equity

Commissioned and Other Reports

Research Report 2020-02 - Investing in a Job Guarantee for Australia - William Mitchell and Martin Watts

Research Report 2020-01 - Employment Vulnerability Index 3.0 - Scott Baum and William Mitchell

Prosperity and Distress in Australia's Cities and Regions

Index of Prosperity and Distress (PDI) in Australian localities

Red alert suburbs: An employment vulnerability index for Australia's major urban regions

CofFEE Employment Vulnerability Index - Version 2

Submission to the Standing Committee on Employment and Workplace Relations - Inquiry into regional skills relocation (April 16, 2010).

Red alert suburbs: An employment vulnerability index for Australia's major urban regions

The Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE) at the University of Newcastle in collaboration with the Urban Research Program (URP) at Griffith University launched the CofFEE/URP Employment vulnerability index (EVI) on March 16, 2009. The Report is accompanied by a fully-resourced WWW Home Page which has extensive maps and data profiles of the job loss suburbs.

Creating effective local labour markets: a new framework for regional employment policy

This CofFEE Policy Report develops a new framework for the design of regional employment policy. It emphasises increased public sector infrastructure spending, the implementation of a National Skills Development framework and the introduction of a national Job Guarantee. Our proposed new integrated policy framework will provide more effective ways to assist disadvantaged individuals into employment and advance sustainable solutions to persistent unemployment across regional Australia.

A Just Transition to a Renewable Energy Economy in the Hunter Region, Australia

This Report was commissioned by Greenpeace Australia and demonstrates major benefits to the Hunter and nearby Wyong region from shifting from coal-fired power to a renewable energy economy. The Report includes two energy scenarios, detailing job creation for the Hunter as a self-sufficient energy producer and as an export centre.

Economic Analysis of Building and Construction Productivity

An examination of the cost differentials methodology used in ‘Economic Analysis of Building and Construction Industry Productivity’ – the Econtech Report (August 2007).

Final Report

Submission to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Building on Success: Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Program 2005 Consultations (March 2005)

Submission to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissions

National Inquiry into Employment and Disability (April 2005)

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health

Inquiry into the Provision of Mental Health Services in Australia (May 2005)

Inquiry into Employment: Increasing Participation in Paid Work

Submissions to the Standing Committee on Employment and Workplace Relations (August 2003).

A Community Development Job Guarantee

Final Report (April 2003)

Submission to the Review of the Commonwealth Government Securities Market

This Report was prepared and written by William Mitchell and Warren Mosler in response to the Government's decision to determine whether they should continue issuing debt despite running fiscal surpluses.

Public Debt management and Australia’s macroeconomic priorities (November 2002)